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Doro® non-stick Βipolar Φorceps

Manufacturer Pro med instruments

Non-stick Bipolar Forcep

  • Reusable non-stick bipolar forceps.
  • Made out of silver for excellent non-stick properties throughout its life.
  • The forceps provide high thermal permeability to minimize gluing and charring of the tissue.
  • Uses low power setting.
  • The forceps have an ergonomic design for perfect balance.
  • They have ridges on the handles for greater stability.
  • Very light.
  • The teeth and the tips of the forceps are made to withstand and not bend during chronic use and cleaning and sterilization procedures.
  • There is a great variety of tip lengths and total length of the forceps.
  • The forceps are produced with the revolutionary new ADF (Adjustable Dissecting Force) technology that allows better control of minimally invasive procedures. This technology is unique in the market and provides fast adjustment of the force apllied by the forceps. Turning the wheel regulates the neurosurgeon’s personal preferences for tensile strength. It is easily adjustable during surgery, so as to reduce the number of forceps required during surgery, as it can be adjusted throughout the operation.

adf Systemadf

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L-Line Micro Dissectors®

Manufacturer Peter Lazic Gmbh


The unique design of the L-Line Micro Dissector provides a wide variety of lengths and tip designs to adapt to any surgical condition.

  • The length of the dissector is adjustable from 170 to 240 mm.
  • By purchasing 1 base we can adapt to it any limb design for any surgical need.
  • It has over 90 different edge designs including the Rhoton collection.

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Diamond knife

Manufacturer Peter Lazic Gmbh


  1. The diamond is available at 30 °, 45 ° and 60 ° angles.
  2. The diamond retrieves to the special sleeve when not in use.
  3. It has a special opening and locking mechanism so that when the diamond is used it is locked in place.
  4. There is a special mechanism at the back to easily clean the inside of the knife.

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Fukushima-Style Suction Tubes

Manufacturer Peter Lazic Gmbh


  • Tapered design of the tube prevents clogging.
  • Tear drop shaped thumb control for a very precise suction regulation.

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Microsurgery tools L-Line Classic®

Manufacturer Peter Lazic GmbH

Neurosurgery centers, doctors and hospitals around the world consciously choose the innovative products of Peter Lazic GmbH. The development team of Peter Lazic GmbH focuses on functionality, ease of use and ergonomic design while employing the highest quality standards resulting in the finest microsurgery instruments con the market.

  • Tips for L-Line Classic tools are available in scissors, needle holders, forceps and biopsy forceps.
  • A wide variety is available in each type of Tip depending on the needs of the doctor.
  • L-Line Classic tools are of the Bayonet type.

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Microsurgery tools L-Line Memory®

Manufacturer Peter Lazic GmbH


  1. Tips for L-Line Memory tools are available in scissors, needle holders, forceps and biopsy forceps.
  2. The tools are made of Memory material (titanium nickel alloy). During the surgery the doctor can give any shape or curve to the working length of the tool to serve his needs. Upon sterilization, the tool returns to its original position due to the Memory material from which it is made.
  3. They have a rinsing port for easy and efficient washing of their interior.
  4. They have a tip rotation washer of up to 360˚ for the perfect placement of the tool.
  5. Balanced and low weight handle for fatigue-free working
  6. Color coding for simple tool identification.

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Microsurgery tools L-Line Memory® leaflet

Bone cutters

Manufacturer Peter Lazic Gmbh

1.Prime punch

Prime punch

  • The Prime Punch gives the doctor all the flexibility needed. Seven different Positions between 90° Left cutting and up cutting can be adjusted with this easily convertible shaft system.
  • One handle and 30 different Shafts to insert for each need.
  • Easy to clean.

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2. Kerrison punch


  • Available with standard or thin footplate,
  • 130 ° upper cutting.
  • Length 180 or 200 mm.

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